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We offer a full range of AFO’s including the Richie Brace, ankle gauntlets and traditional AFO’s, CROW’s and KAFO’s. AFOs are ideal for obtaining partial or complete control of the rearfoot and ankle complex, while allowing various degrees of freedom. Certain designs have the advantage of not overly restricting motion - or being too bulky.


Foot evaluation by Dr. Richie video
Dr. Richie demonstrates casting techniques video
Benefits of the Richie Brace video






double upright


AFOs can be an excellent choice for PTTD, Chronic Ankle Instability, Talocalcaneal Varus or Valgus, Severe Pes Planus, Ankle Arthritis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and dropfoot. AFO’s may also benefit non-operative management of Charcot breakdown and DJD of the hindfoot and ankle. Create the final product to your own specification using our Rx forms. If you do not see a particular style, design, or color please do not hesitate to contact the lab – we have many more options available!

Casting for AFOs video
Dispensing Ankle Gauntlets video
Posterior Tibial Tendon  
Tarsal Tunnel  
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AFO Rx Forms    
Traditional AFO Rx Form  
Ankle AFO / Gauntlet Rx Form  
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